Who We Serve

The Local Community

Our top priority will always be the health and well being of local communities. We recognize that no business in this emerging industry can succeed without the valuable and inclusive input of those most affected by the changing cannabis policies of our time. Before we do anything, we check with the locals first – everyone has a perspective and voice to bring to the table. By cultivating positive relationship between community stakeholders, we work to ensure that local regulations reflect the needs of both the cannabis community and the broader community.

The Emerging Entrepreneur

Innovators, implementors, supporting services, and private investors have a unique opportunity through Cal Heritage to conduct business with context specific solutions to each local community of interest. A medical cannabis industry, and the potential of an adult-use industry, present a multitude of opportunities for new and seasoned entrepreneurs to develop sustainable business that benefit all community members. We encourage our clients to consider new and alternative economic and business models that promote creative solutions unique to each locale.

The Collaborating Governmental Entity

Local, Regional, and State Governmental entities have a significant role in the future of cannabis policy in California, and we are here to help guide your business along the way. We offer officials and community leaders education on the issues most relevant to the cannabis community, and we work to bridge the the cultural rift that jeopardizes economic vitality throughout California. We offer collaborative opportunities with: colleges and universities, elected officials, public agencies, legislative advocates, and other key policy architects in California.