Who We Are

Agents of Social Change

We are a Public Benefit Company, born out of activism, that is committed to serving cannabis and hemp businesses seeking to integrate successfully with local communities and with those who have been most affected by the misaligned cannabis policies of the past. Through community development, legislative advocacy, and entrepreneurship, we creatively challenge the status quo.


We believe the cannabis industry is a vehicle for social justice, ecological restoration, and economic empowerment. We envisage a just future in which the management of cannabis is aligned with the intentions of our local communities and is rooted in compassion, dignity, social justice, and environmental sustainability.


We are a team of advocates and professionals that embody compassion, commitment, inclusiveness, and the spirit of California. Our team has dedicated our lives and careers to the service of California’s communities, and as a result, we are uniquely qualified to help investors, business owners, and government officials navigate the culture and language of the cannabis industry.


Inspired by the potential of a cannabis economy, we cultivate community. We are Cal Heritage, and we invite you to join us on our quest to reimagine the cannabis industry, revitalize our local communities, and sustain California’s heritage for the future benefit of all Californians.