Who We Are

Cal Heritage is here for you, and committed to your best interests

You want something done.

We are actionaries. We are proactive, visionary change-makers who know what works and how to partner effectively with others to get things done.

You need help—now—and aren’t sure where to start.

We are first responders. Make us your first call and we will identify the shortest and best route for your situation, and connect you with the local communities, resources, answers, and partnerships you need, right when you need it most.

You face a compliance obstacle and need a realistic, timely, cost-effective solution.

We are diplomats and navigators. We understand what’s at stake, how to align with what’s required and how to strategize what’s next. We can effectively bridge the divide between how public policy makers think, what the private sector wants, and what the local community needs to thrive.

You are innovating within the Cannabis Cluster and need further investment.

We are cultural translators, and we understand Cannabis and Hemp in California. We helped shape California environmental policy for decades and are passionate about helping innovators and businesses utilize available resources while being cognizant of the needs and concerns of local communities most affected by these changing policies.


You want to invest in Cannabis and Hemp and could use an expert perspective.

We are trusted Cannabis and Hemp advisors. We help investors and innovators analyze their risk, identify emergent market opportunities and maximize their return on investments. Furthermore, your return will go farther than the profit bottom line – you will be contributing to the future public benefit of all Californians, especially those who have been most affected by the misaligned cannabis policies of the past.

You need access, insight and information regarding critical legislation and State regulations.

We are connectors and influencers. Our long-term relationships with legislators, the Governor’s Office, State agencies and key legislative staff provide access, insight and early notice of actions affecting our clients. Our extensive outreach and advocacy efforts cover the entire regional and local governmental network within the Sacramento region.

You are ready to engage and contribute towards the future benefit of all Californians.

We are Cal Heritage. We stand ready to help and are looking forward to listening to you.