What We Do

Legislative Advocacy

Cal Heritage is engaged in the passage of a responsible framework of ethical laws, regulations and public policies for the legal production and distribution of diverse cannabis and hemp products in California.

This will involve the integration of sustainable, value added practices into agriculture and health movements in collaboration with local communities throughout Califor­nia. We believe such programs will result in the creation of viable community-based businesses and will generate new jobs and professions, while also supporting well established and seasoned growers and farmers.

Policy Implementation and Development

We are dedicated to incorporating the best practices of sustainable agriculture and community development into the lo­cal production of high-value, branded products. We encourage alternative agricultural and development models that consider the serious concerns of climate change, environmental policy, local community rights, and social justice.

As entrepreneurs face various levels of adversity and legal hurdles within both the medical and future legal markets, we are prepared to help incorporate traditional and alternative economic models designed to promote community resiliency and long-term fiscal stability.

Local Community Connectivity

As a public benefit company, our bottom line is in local community impact. For decades, the cannabis industry has supported small producers across all socioeconomic classes. Cal Heritage is committed to ensuring it remains this way throughout and after the legalization process. Those operating within the industry are members of diverse backgrounds with family and community ties dating back generations.

We aim to ensure that the complete heritage of the cannabis community is preserved and protected as regulations take shape and legalization becomes reality. We help champion our communities and will continue to represent their interests throughout the coming years of political and economic transition.