What We Do

We welcome partners who wish to develop this industry to maturity.


When it comes to the California Cannabis Cluster, community leaders are looking for businesses who integrate social justice, wellness, and efficacy principles into practice. Cal Heritage is focused on helping businesses in local communities that support the establishment of just laws for industrial hemp, medical and adult-use cannabis. Through its legislative advocacy and consulting services, Cal Heritage and its partners will support the educational, financial, social, and managerial needs of businesses, foundations and associations entering the California Cannabis Cluster.

Cal Heritage supports public safety first and foremost. We believe decriminalization and legalization of cannabis will reduce the detrimental effects of the War on Drugs on society, and enable the establishment of regulated cannabis for a growing population that finds it beneficial.


As a Public Benefit Company, Cal Heritage will operate on multiple levels with a variety of resources. The primary thrust includes advocacy and consulting for a responsible hemp and cannabis legal and regulatory framework that will provide economic benefits to local communities. In pursuit of these aims, Cal Heritage will provide consulting and advocacy services for individuals, business entities, industry organizations, and alliances that:

  • are focused on California
  • wish to integrate with local communities
  • are instilled with strong ethical principles
  • desire to create new economic development models
  • are committed to the future benefit of all Californians