Public Benefit Commitment

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Our Commitment to Public Benefit

California represents the largest U.S. economy and the 8th largest economy in the world. Navigating the complex terrain of it’s legislative and regulatory landscape present many challenges. Beautiful and bountiful, California has a proud heritage of leadershipinnovation, and social justice. It is predicted that California will soon be the leader in all aspects of the U.S. Cannabis Industry.

There has been a fundamental change in the cultural, political and scientific appreciation of cannabis that has led to a wave of legislation and emergence of a rapidly growing legal market. This realization, while groundbreaking, carries with it a heavy debt to the social justice organizational entities working tirelessly to fix the misaligned, prohibitionist cannabis policies of the past.

Recognizing this link between the successes of both the social justice and the market development sides of the cannabis cluster, Cal Heritage is committed to helping local communities re-balance the scales through local development funding, social grant programs, and support of grassroots social justice movements.

In demonstrating how community-oriented medical cannabis markets may adopt the recently signed Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act, we offer a vision of the potential for a legal cannabis industry. By collaborating with all the architects and stakeholders involved, we will work to ensure upcoming regulations support our community’s interests.

Most importantly, we invite all of our clients to participate in our community development process. A percentage of profits are dedicated to improving the lives of the communities we work within, and we encourage our clients to join our efforts. Engaging in community development programs from a local, social, and environmentally conscious perspective, we can work to repair the impacts of prohibitionist policies towards cannabis.

From recognizing prison reforms, repairing environmental degradation, and addressing the infringement of civil rights, we help our clients face the diverse needs of their community while working towards a more sustainable and equitable future for all Californians.