Consulting Services

Community Development

As a public benefit company, we initiate sustainable community development programs through the generation of locally owned and sourced cannabis markets. We promote socially and environmentally conscious business development, working to ensure that the heart, soul, and heritage of this diverse community is represented in the legislature and in the profits of this emergent $10 billion industry. Acting as a bridge between investors, legislators, and community members, we promote positive social change by building resilient local economies.


Medical and Adult-Use Cannabis

Consulting services for businesses in or entering the medical or recreational cannabis sector will focus on their legal and regulatory needs, business financing and management, and eventually increasing sales and margins through branding of high-value, inspirational cannabis products.


Health and Wellness

The initial focus will be expanding access of individuals and businesses to medical cannabis products. As this market expands, the demand for product certification and for trained and licensed nurses and health providers will grow, especially for assisted living facilities. Subsequently many tourism facilities, including hotels, spas and vacation destinations will begin to incorporate medical and adult-use cannabis products in their operations and have to be trained, licensed and regulated at the facility, local, and state levels.

Cal Heritage will advise and/or partner with existing health and wellness interests to identify favorable locations/jurisdictions for legally using medical cannabis. We will help in the training and certification of employees and care givers to ensure patients receive the correct dosage of appropriate cannabis products.


Hemp and Agriculture

Cal Heritage and its strategic partners will provide consulting services for growers, processors and manufacturers to facilitate their entry into the hemp sector in California. Hemp production in California will require participation by growers in cooperation with research institutions such as UC Davis, California regulatory bodies (CDFA), grower associations and investors of all styles.

The initial projects will focus on the design of sustainable production of hemp in Yolo and neighboring counties with local farmers and investors. We will advocate for the attractiveness of investing in agricultural land, and the benefits of diversifying into drought resistant, soil regenerative, and potential carbon sequestering production of hemp.