The Mistake Most States Made When Legalizing Marijuana

The arrival of 2017 will bring many changes to the country, including falling marijuana prices in states that have legalized a recreational market. Cannabis users may cheer this news, but it heralds the… Read More

California entrepreneur seeking college sponsor for hemp research, production

By BRIAN MOLONGOSKI BMOLONGOSKI@WDT.NET WATERTOWN — A California man is looking to bring hemp production to upstate New York through a college partnership, but Jefferson Community College likely will not initiate such a… Read More

Humboldt’s Finest Sets the Industry Standard in Sustainable Sun Grown Cannabis

By: Weed Wire HUMBOLDT, Calif., Feb. 7, 2017 Weed Wire/ — Humboldt’s Finest, the leader in craft cannabis production, is setting the standard for sustainable cannabis cultivation with advanced “sun grown” and “rain… Read More

Trade Group Sues DEA Over Attempted Hemp Regulations

BY DUKE LONDON ON FEBRUARY 7TH, 2017 AT 9:36 AM GROWING & CULTIVATION, MARIJUANA NEWS In 2004, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the DEA may not, in perpetuity, attempt to regulate hemp… Read More

The Fundamental Right to Use Cannabis

 By Andrew C. DeWeese and Kevin J. Jacoby The legal cannabis industry’s reaction to President-elect Trump’s nomination of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General has been mixed. While some believe that Trump will… Read More

8 Surprising Uses for Hemp that Could Make the World a Greener Place

by Greg Beach January 29, 2017 Hemp isn’t just for hackin’ the sack at Phish shows or making rope. This amazing plant, a non-psychoactive variety of cannabis grown specifically for industrial purposes, has a vast number… Read More

California won’t be ready to regulate marijuana businesses next year, lawmaker says

Californians legalized recreational marijuana in November, and the state is expected to begin distributing licenses to businesses by January 1, 2018. But least one state senator, who represents California’s marijuana-rich northern counties,… Read More

State Writing New Pot Regulations

“…cultivation, public health, manufacturing, distribution, transportation, testing, and the like” by JOHN HOWARD posted 01.24.2017 Twitter FacebookEmail California authorities are crafting new rules governing both medical and recreational marijuana, and they hope to present them to the public… Read More

North Americans Spent $53.3 Billion On Marijuana Last Year, Most Of It Illegally

A new report estimates consumers spent $53.3 billion on cannabis in North America last year. The first-of-its-kind analysis, compiled by ArcView Market Research, spans legal, medical and illegal marijuana markets across both… Read More

2017-2018 Budget References to Cannabis

Department of Public Health/ Program Descriptions (html): ProgramDescriptions/4265/0 Health and Human Services/4265 Department of Public Health (pdf): Business, Consumer Services, Housing: Agency/1000 Business, Consumer Services, Housing: Department of Consumer Affairs/… Read More