Distribution Woes Are a Major Buzzkill for the California Pot Industry

Recreational weed’s debut in Nevada this month was marred by a legal fight over how product reaches consumers. Despite lines stretching out pot shop doors, stores reportedly couldn’t restock their shelves for the first… Read More

Top 10 Unknowns For California’s Medicinal And Adult Use Cannabis Regulation And Safety Act

\With California’s recent passage of its Medicinal and Adult Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (“MAUCRSA” a/k/a the Governor’s Trailer Bill, a/k/a SB 94), California has combined government oversight of its medical… Read More

California is working to avoid a shortage of legalized marijuana, state pot czar says

With Nevada suffering a shortage of legalized marijuana, California’s state pot czar said Wednesday that efforts are being made in her state to make sure sufficient licenses go to farmers, testers and… Read More

The Cannabis Gold Rush is ON! California City MMJ Round 2-HUGE

The Cannabis Gold Rush is ON! California City MMJ Round 2-HUGE.By Kane Wickham California City- Last week the national media announced that for the first time Colorado topped $10 Million Dollars in… Read More

Lawyer Up: Can Public Banks Cure California’s Cannabis Cash Crisis?

A public bank would allow canna-businesses to safely store profits and stop paying taxes in giant duffel bags Wednesday 08/16/2017 by Cannabiz Confidante Disclaimer: This column is written for educational purposes only. It… Read More

Pot growers brace for proposed limits on chemicals in crop sprays

The laid-back days when marijuana growers could spray crops with chemicals without fear of consequences are just about over as California prepares to deploy a strict new testing regimen, but the proposed… Read More

How cannabis patents could pave the way for future lawsuits

It’s hard to make sense of cannabis regulation. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) continues to categorize marijuana as a Schedule I drug. That means the government believes it has “no currently accepted medical… Read More

California Took a Big Step Closer to Regulating the Cannabis Industry

 It has happened: Last Tuesday, Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law the bill that regulates legal cannabis in the state. Known as the Medicinal and Adult Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act… Read More